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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 96 Review - That Butler, Encouragement

I swear these monthly chapters are getting shorter...

Compared to recent chapters, this one was fairly predictable and straightforward, which is a shame but I suppose we can blame that on the fact that there isn't an epic dream sequence anymore. (Damn, I'm going to miss them). Anyway, our chapter starts off with a man entering a location where many books are placed and from the guard's reaction, this person is clearly "not a commoner". It's hard to tell what exactly this person was looking at, or even who he is actually. All we know is, it involves the werewolves.

I know a lot of people get turned on when Sebastian uses his teeth to take off his gloves. By Ciel's intense gaze, I'd say he's one of them.

Sullivan is talking about how she wants to complete "the ultimate magic" to subside the anger of the werewolves, and she starts to have a dream of what it'd be like to spend more time with Ciel and Sebastian, as well as her other servants. When Wolfram returns, he sees Sullivan messy and claiming she's ready for her duty.

Wow. Her dream is so.... boring!

Back to Ciel and the Phantomhive Servants, Ciel is growling in annoyance at the Queen's request to bring Sullivan to the Queen. Instead of complaining however, Ciel orders the servants to prepare to leave and follow instructions afterwards. And as you'd expect, this scene ends with Ciel ordering Sebastian to inform him of recent news and dress him. (What a child).

And polish my fingernails. And clean the ceiling. And give me a hug. And...

The next page shows Sullivan performing "the Ultimate Magic" and being carried by a werewolf, who then transforms back into Wolfram. (Oh wow! Wolfram was a werewolf! I am so shocked! Oh wow!) Wolfram thanks her for what she has done, and as Wolfram helps Sullivan change he starts to think about the day he named her the Green Witch. How she cried and hated it, but Sullivan reassures him she is now proud to be a descendant and of her feet which show that.

I don't know why but the word "feet" makes me cringe. I really dislike them.

Wolfram then tells Sullivan how her mother, the previous Green Witch, would be proud of her for her actions. Sullivan decides she wants to leave but once again, Wolfram tells her that she can't leave because it is law. And despite how he clearly doesn't want to tell her that, she has to accept it. And with that, he leaves.

Ciel put on his special "Santa Cape" for this.

The final scene of the chapter has Ciel and Sebastian arriving at Sullivan's window in the middle of the night, acting all cool and suave. Ciel thanks her for helping bring him back to normal, then Sullivan seems to... well, to put it simply, she wants the underage boy on top of her again. Before this erupts into madness again, Sebastian intervenes and tells Sullivan they'll take her to the outside world. After using a bit of reverse psychology on her, she gets dressed and takes their hands to leave.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that if the genders were reversed here, people would call this "creepy and fucked up" instead of "funny". I scream "double standards!"

Opinion: While it's not the worst chapter around, I did find myself lacking the usual excitement and interest I normally do. I'm not a fan about how actual magic has become incorporated into the series since it only used to be demons and shinigami, which I love. That being said, the magic doesn't seem too "magical" (if you get what I mean) so I should be thankful we don't have anybody yelling "Expelliarmus" or anything like that.

Then again, I'd love to see a Harry Potter universe involving Sebastian and Ciel. (HP Geek here and proud of it!)
At least we have Sullivan leaving Germany now. I am glad we're moving on before Germany became tedious, so hopefully we'll get some good laughs with her being in Buckingham Palace. And could this be the discovery of the darkness of the Queen coming? Time will tell.

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Month: Sullivan for finishing "the Ultimate Magic" (whatever the hell it is) and leaving Germany.

Next month's chapter will mostly likely involve Sullivan and the others fleeing, with Wolfram and the werewolves chasing after them. I'd like a glimpse into why Finny can speak German and his connections with this country too.

Best Part: Sullivan leaving Germany

Worst Part: Who was the guy in the opening?

Bonus: For those of you who still don't know, the Kuroshitsuji anime has returned with the adaption of Noah's Circus Ark underway and is known as "Book of Circus". Afterwards, the Murder Mystery Arc will be adapted in the "Book of Murder" OVAs.

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