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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 109 Review - Earthquake

Written by: Axlorg

Well DAMN. That's how you do foreshadowing! I won't lie, this was letting information go and a good chapter! I have to admit, I didn't see it coming, and I probably shouldn't be acting this happy, but I have a spot in my heart for good foreshadowing. Bless you Suzuki! Not to mention we get some new antagonists that make the past antagonists look like they stole candy from a baby (Or in this case, a king). Anyway's lets start with the chapter.

I love villain's like these. He's smart enough not to risk his life and is evil enough to use someone else.

The chapter starts out with the demon summoning ceremony being held by Hendriksen. Magical beams start shooting at Hendriksen's body but he still continues the ceremony, making it apparently clear that death is practically certain to happen. Dreyfus, who was close to the ceremony, had to back up and reveals that he had decided to use Hendriksen as a scrape goat since he would have been dead from the impact. After some magical words and magical what-nots, we see Hendriksen fading into ashes, so is he dead?

In the next page we see Hendriksen wake up and see Dreyfus peering at him. He actually survived the ceremony but as a result, he lost his Gray Form and is now normal (Minus the Red Form). Hendricksen notices Dreyfus's tattoo and eyes. Deciding to be grateful, he lets Hendricksen lives and "To do what he likes", and I'm pretty sure he's going to be a redeemable villain. If so, kudos to me. Anyways, the high point of the chapter has come!

Release the Kraken! HAIL HYDRA! Open sesame! Whatever, the demons are out!


Interesting fact: Shounen weekly requires that no nipples are allowed in it's magazine.

On a quick note: That person in the far right looks very similar to Meliodas's wanted poster,.. no? Back to topic on hand. Meliodas is confirmed that he is 3000 or so years old since that's how long the demons have been sealed for. We then get introduced to the new class of antagonists and that not all of the demon members are out of the seal. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Dreyfus was possessed. This was about 30 chapters early when Gowther was in Dreyfus's mind and something dark and sinister (but not seen) was in Dreyfus's mind.

Putting that fact aside, Hendricksen is still where he woke up and hears a voice that sounds awfully familiar. Before we find out, we move to where our beloved main characters are, minus two, and an earthquake starts. That's when Meliodas pauses. He knows what's happening and looks pretty surprised, possibly angered or nervous.

Fraudlin, our antagonist as well as a midget like Meliodas. Rival confirmed.

Back to the demons, we see that Dreyfus has transformed into his true form, Fraudlin who sounds surprisingly like Meliodas and contains the demon tattoo that Meliodas also has. Then, the leader, Fraudlin, decides to regain their magic since the angel seal has drained them and go off to Edinburgh, leaving Hendricksen behind.

Oh yeah, they end the chapter with demon wings because why the hell not.

Opinions: Well that was a spectacular chapter in my opinion, so much stuff happened that my mind is going on about theories and such, For one thing, there's the mystery man with Meliodas hair that looks awfully like Meliodas's wanted poster, though we didn't get to see his face much to confirm it. Then there's the fact that Meliodas is 3000+ years old, and that makes me wonder what the hell happened to Meliodas in that time, overall, this chapter was mainly set up and it was good at doing that. Although a question for me was about Dreyfus. When was he possessed? Who knows, but I think we'll get our answer later.

Rating: 4/5

Character of the chapter: Fraudlin for become a villain that stole my heart with his no-shit attitude. (No, I'm not a masochist).

Predictions: The next chapter is called confession and I have no idea what it'll be about. It may be Hendricksen confessing to what he saw, Elizabeth confessing her love to Meliodas, or possibly Meliodas informing the group what happened and his past (I doubt the latter since it's too soon).

Axlorg:  .
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