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Fairy Tail Chapter 419 Review - The Message of Flame

Written by Shiggins

This is what I like to call a "connecting chapter".

For those of you who don't know, a connecting chapter is one that does what it needs to do and moves the story from Point A to Point B. It's a bit like being Chapter A.5. However, don't let this fool you because this chapter definetly had some scenes you really need to check out.

Now THAT is how E.N.D should look!
Our chapter begins with a nice cameo actually by the Pumpking, Arcadios and Princess Hisui who are giving Natsu an acquittal (is that how I should say it?) for his destruction during the Grand Games. So Natsu leaves with a big grin on his face and he's back with Lucy, who delivers the tragic news of Fairy Tail's end. Makarov has gone missing and everybody has gone their separate ways.

Wow. Hiro Mashima has created the most perfect representation of the Fairy Tail fandom right now.
After the initial anger from Natsu, Lucy delivers some words that leaves Natsu speechless and you better believe I took notice of this page but I'll sum up by saying that Lucy doesn't think Natsu has a right to be angry at them for leaving. We then get to see Lucy's new big place where she is letting Natsu and Happy move in since they have no place to go. (Which makes me wonder what happened to that cottage they lived in...)

I told you guys last time. You can stop crying in fear now.
Natsu gets a haircut (yay!), has a bath, tells Lucy some stories and that's the day done. As Lucy sleeps, Natsu and Happy go into her room to draw on her face (despite being told earlier never to enter her room). This is when they come across the wall of loneliness and he makes a decision. 

The next morning, Lucy is awoken by loud noises and the entire army outside her house. Obviously, this is Natsu's fault and he picks her up and bursts out the window to make a daring escape. It turns out he wrote "Fairy Tail" on the palace in big letters made of fire as a signal that the Guild will return. With a great callback to the first chapter, the journey begins!

Man, I could look at this page for hours. It's just so cool!
Opinion: One thing I forgot to mention last week is something I'll deal with right now: This is the year Frosch is meant to die! The year we discover exactly why Rogue turned into that evil monster from the Grand Magic Games. The year that adorable/annoying Exceed becomes no more and Rogue kills Sting to gain his power. I wonder if that last fact means that Sting kills Frosch somehow...?

Now for this chapter. Lucy is being passive-aggressive and handling her anger as maturely as she can. I still expect a major blowout from her later but that one page of dialogue from her actually gave me pause because I really felt the emotion in that. If she'd just blurted it out in anger, I think it wouldn't have had as much of an impact.

A page that left me as speechless as Natsu.
Seeing the Royal Trio from the Grand Magic Games was nice in it's own way. They haven't changed over the past year, which makes sense since not everybody changes that much over a year. (Except the king has a pumpkin crown... I'm growing concerned about his fascination).

The NaLu shippers must be going insane right now! I never really realised it before but the amount of potential you can get from these two to become a couple is insane! And chapters like this one are the reason I end up being dragged along to their side to gnaw on NaLu fanart and cookies.

And lastly, that flame message was awesome and a nice hint that Natsu has upgraded. New powers, new tricks with fire and who knows what else? Personally, I'm praying for some sort of flame-armour-god-mode-of-death-with-horns-and-wings-and-tail-and-cape-that-is-so-totally-cool-you-guys.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Natsu for getting the journey started and that message. 

Predictions: Lamia Scale! Lyon is there! He'll take us to Gray! And Juvia! We'll see Jura! And maybe Cheria is working up the courage to ask out Wendy! And... Thanksgiving? When did Fiore become America because I'm from Scotland and we don't celebrate that stuff...? 

Best Part: The Message

Worst Part:
Extremely predictable chapter (but for good reason).

Even Jason's writing pisses me off.

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  1. What right minded person reads a manga such as this and worse still, reviews it? No offense. I don't even know what to classify this very boring manga as. What sort of name is Dragneel or whatever? You know why I have to say all this? Because this is where the inner hated is paid off in large deposits. And, Higmabob, very soon I'll start to sign off. :-)

    1. ....What the fuck are you on about?

    2. I'm unsure whether I should be laughing at you or sending you money, as you're obviously a charity case.

    3. At least the avatar picture for this guy actually fits for once.


    (Seriously, that's what I shouted for hours on end after reading this chapter. Nice Review, and I really liked it!

    1. Why thank you. (blocks out the Jason-talk)

  3. I dont think frosch will die. As with time travel, future changes when even a tiny thing changes. We've seen a lot of time travel theories and movies explain this. the two timelines (future lucy and future rogue) are alternate futures that are interconnected with each other (as explained by chapter 333) It is shown there that there was only 2 possible future, that to prevent either one will result in the other. That was the dilemna. However, after what happened during GMG, neither of the two futures is possible anymore. Why? the eclipse gate was destroyed. One, if not both of these futures are not possible anymore. And since it has an interconnection with one another, a cause and effect relationship, the circle will be broken, and new timeline, a new future is created. Ever heard of the phrase "Just knowing your future will change it"? Time travel is fickle. Approach this in a scholarly way and you will come to appreciate the magnitude of eclipse gate being destroyed (which wasnt destroyed in either of the two orignal timelines)

    1. All correct but this is the year Frosch is -meant- to die. Which means we'll be confronting all that Future Rogue stuff in the next arc or two. And that's hugely exciting.