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Fairy Tail Chapter 421 Review - Wendy and Chelia

Written by Shiggins

I'm disappointed at the lack of little-romance.

Although the rest of the chapter wasn't half-bad. We started off this week with Wendy all blushing and embarrassed, praying she never has to be so adorable on stage again and perform. (So basically, don't expect her to start a new K-On band anytime soon). Oh and Toby and Yuka are there to provide what I hesitate to call "comedy relief".

Yeah... I'm officially 110% done with this joke now.
And this is when Lyon appears alongside Natsu, Lucy and Happy. Obviously, they're all delighted to see each other and let Wendy know what's happening about reforming Fairy Tail. Apparently, Makarov has been missing for over a year and he got into trouble with the Council over something. Speaking of which, the Council are now the Ten Wizard Saints which includes Jura. (Shame, I miss that bald bastard already).

The Mighty Jura gives you permission to praise him.
To the shock of the others, Wendy says she can't join them because she's part of Lamia Scale now. Before they can get more information, Human-Carla appears to be a bitch as usual and tell them to back off because it's her choice. Oh also, it's just transformation magic. Nothing big or grand. She can turn back into her cat form with ease.

Chapter 232. A hint at what's to come perhaps?
So now the trio are sitting in the Viper Inn, just bewildered and down. After a scene that made me giggle more than I expected involving tickling, we see Wendy and Chelia who are discussing Wendy choosing to stay. Apparently, Sherry will be getting married soon (I want to read that chapter!), and Wendy doesn't want Chelia to be alone but Cheria says she never wants Wendy to stay because of pity.

I don't think tickling has ever made me giggle so much. (When it's not happening to me I mean).
Suddenly, the Guild is attacked by monsters. Lyon is the badass this time as he takes charge and kicks ass. As the others group together, they say this is obviously the work of their rival Orochi (snake dude from last week), who are using the lack of Jura to stage an attack. 100,000 monsters are on the march and since they can't get to Orochi by the ground, Wendy and Natsu go to fly their Exceed into battle... but Chelia steals Happy before Natsu can.

Grand Theft Chelia: Lamia Andreas! ............I'm sorry. That joke was awful. I do apologise.
Opinion: A pleasant chapter really. Nothing to hate but nothing to squee over either. Chelia is convincing Wendy to join the trio and we know she will, but I like that it deepens the relationship between the girls a bit more.

So... they live together? I'm cool with that.
Carla just transformed, which I find a bit disappointing. Does this mean that we won't see a human Pantherlily? Well, at least there is still an opportunity for a human Happy, although I doubt that would contribute to much. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm unsure at this point.

It's Orochi! (You have no idea how many times I always typed in Orochimaru...). We must all fear Orochi but not really since he'll only last one or two more chapters no doubt. Still, he's certainly built up an impressive arena for the next chapter.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Chelia for more lessons about being a friend and getting Wendy to go back to Fairy Tail.

Predictions: Orochi vs the Sky Sisters, and he's going to reveal he has supreme power but then Wendy will show her new powers as well. Orochi will be defeated, then Jura will appear and destroy every monster because he is Jura and his hair is like Kenpachi's eyepatch. With it gone, nothing can hold him back!

Best Part: Tickle, tickle! (Why was that so funny to me?)

Worst Part: I think this is the chapter that has made me tired of Toby's moodswings.

Sigh... Well, it's better than nothing I guess. (Come on, Mashima-sensei! We need CheDy!)

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