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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 112 Review - Existence and Proof

Written by: Axlorg

Sorry I missed last chapter, really. For now, I'll give a recap on the important tid-bits. First of all, Jericho has decided to stalk Ban while he, himself, tries to get rid of King by telling him that Diane has remembered her memories at last. Then Merlin gives Gowther some medicine for his body to which he throws away later only for Hawk to munch on after. After that, we see Meliodas demanding that Merlin gives him that back. Next we see Gowther going on a date with Guila and that's when her little brother, Zeal appears needing help. At the end of the chapter, we see Gowther threatening Zeal... The brother Guila would kill for... Got that? Alright, let's move on.

Oh that's so good for you, teasing every single person that doesn't want to be single right around Valentines day.

Starting out the chapter, we see Diane and Elizabeth start talking about romance and how great the feeling is (Geez, thanks for the stab in the heart Diane) Then we see Zeal wandering around to which Diane approaches him and asks about Guila. Then Guila starts freaking out, wondering who he is and where he's at. Elizabeth spots Gowther and Guila in the distance and Diane runs towards them, Zeal in hands, she tells Guila that somethings wrong with her little brother but Guila doesn't ever recall having a brother and says Gowther is his only family.

In truth it's really not that hard to see that she's related to Liz, even her name spells it out. (eLIZabeth).

That's when Diane speaks up and asks if he manipulated their memories and Gowther gives a straight answer and backing up his reasoning by saying this is what he needed to make the relationship he needed with Guila, no little brother was needed. Apparently all he wanted is a heart to process and comprehend feelings. Before we can see what happens next, we switch back to Merlin and things are getting pretty heated over what Merlin stole when Hawk enters the scene, apparently in a drunken state, Meliodas asks Merlin if Hawk will be okay to which Merlin says is quite the contrary.

We switch back to Gowther saying that rather than friendship, he'd rather have love and it was convenient that Guila was unconscious when the fight happened between Ban and Meliodas. Diane scolds Gowther for manipulating her memories and pretending to save her to which Gowther replies he did because the source of her demon blood came from the fact of her complex with inferiority with others, so he replaced those memories with that of happiness and Gowther taking her as a fiance when they were little, as well as being his disciple. As a result of these happy memories, the demon blood was suppressed and saved her life.

My feelings summed up in one chapter.

Diane curses Gowther out yelling that he couldn't just go and change someone's memories but he counters by spreading Guila's original memories, which were all pretty bad. He then tries to reason that compared to the real memories, wouldn't the fake one be better for her.A bit taken aback, Diane shouts that it wasn't for him to decide and he destroyed the bond between Guila and Zeal but Gowther doesn't understand, only viewing another existence as a hindrance to their love.

Here's an alternate idea, just go find the Wizard of Oz to give you one.

Certain to where this will go, Diane tells Elizabeth to get Meliodas and Merlin to help but Gowther tries to stop her only to get hit back by Diane. Villagers are getting attack so Diane tells Gowther to stop and that's when he calls in his sacred weapons, Twin Bow Harlot, and casts a spell called Blackout. Apparently it causes everyone in a 3-mile radius to go unconscious as long as they're power level is under 400. Gowther then starts attacked Diane, saying all he wants to understand is emotions but Diane declares that even though she forgot her memories of King, she remembered cause those feelings were engraved in her heart and nobody could ever erase feelings. The chapter ends with Gowther and Diane, beginning to fight.

Opinion: This was a good chapter, it really was since it demonstrated the fact of Gowther's in capabilities and that just because the deadly sins are on a team, that doesn't mean they will always agree (King and Ban demonstrated that but it's a rare sight for anyone other than them). I can see where Diane's coming from but it's really messed up with Gowther. And that's thing! He doesn't know that what he did was actually messed up and wrong morally. So you can't just call Gowther a bad guy here.

At least this guy could tell what was fucked up and what was not.

Predictions: Relevation. I'm going to guess that Merlin is either going to give Meliodas his treasure, or that King will step in. Also I don't see Diane winning this fight, especially without her Sacred Treasure while Gowther has his.

Chapter of the week: Diane, for shouting out how messed up Gowther was for doing this

Rating: 4/5

Axlorg:  .
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  1. Wow! What a time to catch up!

    I think this was one of the first chapters that made me really shocked and intrigued for the next one. Gowther's dark reveal fits perfectly with his messed-up personality and has the added bonus of "morale debate" which I always love.

    Speaking of which, I'm wondering if Gowther is related to Diane's missing memories. It is entirely possible, right?

    I'm honestly shocked the author made it so obvious: Liz = Elizabeth. ...Unless, that's the point!

    1. Haha yeah, also theres a week hiatus since the manga-ka is sick (Hope he gets well). The main point that I like is that Gowther doesn't even know that he's being fucked up in doing.

      Regarding Gowther being related to Diane's missing memories is a possible connection, but we've seen in an Omake that it really was King that made her forget her memories. (But yeah I agree with the Liz-Elizabeth theory, even in the last chapter she says that it feels 'nostalgic' loving Medliodas... And in the past, Liz was Meliodas's lover.

  2. I didn't read this, it looks so boring. I simply saw the first pic/panel/drawing/squiggly lines and was brought to an unavoidable conclusion. This is Hinata II. Is he as clueless as Naruto? Is the comic as annoying as Naruto was?

    1. ^ my thoughts, exactly.

    2. Couldn't get past the first panel? And you call yourselves manga readers? Ha! And no, this series is completely different from Naruto.

    3. What's with the influx of hate on manga reviews so far? Nanatsu no Taizai and Naruto are absolutely different. Also Hinata and Diane (First panel) are way different. Can't believe this.

    4. Don't worry, Axlorg. It's the same sad person trying to be funny. They've probably only read two manga. Just deal with it because you know better.

      Or if you want a better way to put it:

    5. Namely, these two manga are Naruto and a piece of a self-insert Naruto webcomic off of DeviantArt.

  3. Geez, Higmabob. Cool down. This one just looks awfully uninteresting. I mean, just look at her face! I'm right. Admit defeat!