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Fairy Tail Chapter 466 Review - Assassin

Written by Shiggins

NOTE: It turns out this chapter was occidentally released by Crunchyroll a week early, so I decided to keep quiet and wait a week to review this great chapter too. 

Poor Zeref. He only wants someone to kill him!

After cleaning himself up between panels using magic, (yes. Somehow Death Magic removes injuries now... I don't know how either), Zeref tells Invel that they will continue their attack on the Guild for Fairy Heart. He then asks Invel to secure him new clothes more befitting an emperor. Yes, Zeref is ditching the old look. In fact, this review even has a sneak peek of how he'll look soon...

All rulers need to look the part!
Back to Happy and Natsu, the former of which is having to wash their hands in the water due to the minor burns from last time. Natsu's arm is blank now, indicating Igneel's power is gone. And Happy confirms that he and Natsu will always be friends, hugging him dearly because he doesn't want his pink-haired buffoon of a friend to die.

Dang it, Happy! Stop becoming likeable!
It's now off to see Dimaria, who I am slowly beginning to believe is more-and-more a lesbian by each chapter. Dimaria is saying it's a good thing Wahl didn't destroy the port town or Magnolia, since Brandish is still there. After seeming to get nearly turned on by imagining Brandish in a pathetic state, Dimaria wonders where Neinhart is. And we finally see a small shadowy glimpse of this Spriggan 12 badass.

Back to Mermaid Scale, as they are estimating how many forces they have to go through to free the town of Hargeon. It's a large number, to say the least. The gang all charge, as Dimaria and Wahl smirk yet again. Then we skip over to the North, where Blue Tooth are fighting. And lo and behold, we get to see another member of the Spriggan 12! A murdering reaper known as "Bradman". And he's after Yukino next!

Seasons don't fear the reaper...
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain.
Off to the East, where God Serena, August and another member of the Spriggan 12 come face-to-face with the 4 Saints. Serena destroyed his own hometown Bosco apparently, and now we finally see our "assassin" in the title. Jacob Lessio, easily the ugly one. However, he's surprisingly not doing anything this week despite what the title implies, so we go back to Brandish in her cell where Marin comes to her! Now, he's going to rescue her because she's so much fun and...

Opinion: So... Why was it called "Assassin" if the titular assassin only appeared for one page?

Three new members of the Spriggan 12! Well, two and a half since we didn't see Neinhart properly, but still awesome! Jacob seems ugly and not all that interesting in personality or design, but I'm sure he'll be interesting until he's dead. As for Bradman, it's hard to be cooler than a grim reaper, so I'm looking forward to him.

Clearly, this assassin kills through burns!
Dimaria's obsession with Brandish is getting out of hand! Every week, she goes "Ooh Randy. This is Randy. Ooh". Do you call her Randy because it's a nickname for Brandish, or because that's what she makes you? In all seriousness, I am wanting to know their past now. Probably one of major bitching, but if the war takes the turn I think it will, I'm sure Randy and DeeDee will be battling it out soon.

And why do I think that? Due to Brandish clearly going to turn good before this war is over. She's obviously not liked by her fellow colleagues, has no real friends, is related to Lucy in some way, and we've seen her naked. All she needs now is a tragic backstory and I give that like 3 more weeks! Speaking of Brandish, JESUS CHRIST MARIN HOLLOW! You sick bastard! I know she was mean to you, but you are a bug! You were lucky to be by her side... When Brandish gets out, she's going to tear him a new hollow hole!

You're gay, you're overcompensating and you need to accept it.
I think we can be sure Natsu won't die. Or at least, not forever and ever. An alternate method to stop Zeref is needed, and I am praying it won't be a cop-out. Remember how Jellal was magically saved during the Tartaros arc by a convenient spell? I don't want that again, because it's just not fair. I don't say this because I dislike Natsu, but because I dislike convenience.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Marin Hollow for being the true shock of the week.

Predictions: Lucy and Cana will save Brandish from Marin, and Brandish will tell Lucy about Layla. Next week is "Mother's Key", so either Capricorn or Aquarius are involved, or we're about to find out about the secret super key-spirit that Layla always had. And maybe how Yukino came to obtain Pisces and Libra, since Layla must have had all 12 Keys to unlock the Eclipse gate.

Best Part: Marin begins a massive shocking rebellion.

Worst Part: The assassin was surprisingly underwhelming.

Zeref, you know the rules! If you're going to be on the cover, you have to be sexy! Now hurry up and get to pole-dancing!


For all you lolicons out there, Mashima supports you.

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  1. I just thought that Zeref would heal quickly because of his curse and its whole immortality schtick. Makes it much harder to kill him if he constantly recovers from any injury and all that. As for his new clothes all I can think of is Lelouch with his fancy robe and modified sailor hat. Don't worry about Happy being likable for too long, not saying don't enjoy it now, but he did just extend the war by not allowing Natsu to kill Zeref even if he did the noble thing by getting his buddy the Hell out of Dodge. Dimaria is either a lesbian, a sadist, or both, and I can't help but wonder why they antagonize each other so much. It's great to see all the other guilds preparing for action, and Bradman and Neinhart look friggin badass (one's still a silhouette but still) Jacob on the other hand looks kind of like Jason Statham to me and I couldn't help but find that hilarious. Like you I found Marin very annoying, but holy crap was that a shock so I'll give him some credit there. Great review as always, any ideas for what awaits us next chapter.

    1. Oh regenerative ability... Yeah, that makes way more sense than what I was thinking! Duh! Silly me.

      It's hard to think of Zeref in something subtle, isn't it? So long as he doesn't wear LeLouch's Love Heart hat, I think he'll be okay though.

      Yeah, we'll forgive Happy for now because he kept this arc interesting and long. Zeref can't die just yet.

      I'm thinking Dimaria has a secret relationship with Brandish, that could stem from jealousy. We hear she might not have magic, so maybe she envies "Randy" and her powers. Or like I said, maybe Dimaria just wants Randy nekkid.

      Jacob... Well, now I can never watch Crank! And thanks to you, every review after this will make Jason Statham jokes when referring to Jacob. Well done... you evil person!

      And aww, thank you. I'm thinking Lucy will attack Marin and save Brandish's life, which will end with Cana trapping Marin in a card. Then Brandish will start dishing out some dirt as a thanks for saving her.