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Fairy Tail Chapter 472 Review - Laxus vs Wahl

Written by Shiggins

Thor vs Ironman!

Or is he meant to be Genos? Or some sort of representation of a boring Gundam anime? I don't know but unlike the usual mecha anime that thinks smashing two toys together means fascinating entertainment, the metal-inspired Wahl is cool and he's fighting Laxus in this showdown! We also get some sneak appearances from other characters, but we're here for the blonde!

Wahl fairy tail
I think I finally realised why exactly I like Wahl.
Using the powers of Alchemy, so it looks like he might actually be more Edward Elric than Evangelion, which is not a problem for me whatsoever, Wahl fires a bunch of bullets at Laxus but Laxus' great power utterly destroys them without a hitch. Lyon can see the lightning from afar and Gray delivers a painful joke.

fairy tail gray fullbuster
Ow! Ow, it hurts! Leave the bad puns to me! Or God Serena!
Wahl begins to analyse Laxus and is shocked to see the Magic Particles in his organs, before clashing with him. Laxus doesn't bother to explain why he's still alive, and proceeds to strike down Wahl once again. Surprisingly, Wahl isn't bothered and delivers his own badass punch to Laxus' jaw.

fairy tail wahl
Oh the Genos jokes I am having to avoid because I am so sick of hearing about OPM these days...
We then skip over to Erza, where she is currently in the heat of battle alongside Kagura and Mermaid Heel. After some encouragement from the others, Kagura and Erza agree to travel on ahead to the port to face the mysterious third Spriggan 12 member that is currently lurking in the darkness.

If Erza and Kagura didn't show enough girl-love for you, we have Wendy and Sherria who are currently facing Dimaria. Carla gives Sherria a jacket and Dimaria vows not to go easy on them just because they are children. Wendy vows to take on Dimaria and, to put it as bluntly as I possibly can, beat the ever loving shit out of her. Dimaria then gives a small hint to what her magic truly is.

fairy tail wendy x sherria
Is Wendy jealous of her boob size or shy because Sherria is shirtless? You decide! (It's the former but... I like to be biased for shipping reasons)
Finally, it's back to Laxus who is having his epic match go hardcore. Lots of flipping about, action and excitement as each of them can take hits like a champ. Wahl then finishes his analysis and decides to start recalibrating himself. His personality, his own design and even his sole target. And now Wahl is ready to destroy Laxus... just as Laxus' body starts to break down inside.

Opinion: It's difficult to resist Genos jokes.

I'm oddly conflicted with Wahl. To put it simply, the last thing I wanted was to see Wahl become an emotionless and boring tool like Mard Geer, whom past readers may remember I didn't warm to. Wahl was fun as a psychopathic killer, and now he has literally erased his personality! On the other hand, Wahl is able to still provide an entertaining spectacle with his Robo-Alchemy (term is copyrighted!) and maybe we'll get lucky and see him still be a fun villain in the next chapter.

fairy tail wahl
Laxus' illness is taking effect, as expected by all above the age of five. Still, it's tragic to see and I can't help but wonder if Laxus needs a Deus ex Machina to get him out of this alive. I certainly hope not, since the next chapter is entitled "Red Lightning", but we'll have to wait and find out. Please be okay, Laxus-kun!

The biggest surprise for me is actually the pairings right now. Erza and Kagura working together isn't a shock, but they aren't fighting Dimaria?! I was absolutely sure we'd see Erza take on the swordswoman, but then again maybe that'd have been too predictable. Or hell, maybe Wendy and Sherria aren't going to claim victory in this one.

Speaking of Dimaria, I think we might know what she can do now. At least, unless the translations have fucked up. It appears she has the power to temporarily stop time for everyone but herself. In a way, it's similar to Racer from the Oracion Seis arc, but with more effect and by someone who would rather strip you than kick you. Because, as I've said in previous chapters, LESBIAN!

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Predictions: Laxus is going to get his face heavily kicked in, but he's too badass to let something like dying take him down. He's going to literally tear apart Wahl, but then he'll collapse and need saving at the last second. Erza and Kagura will meet the next Spriggan 12 member and... That's it, probably.

Best Part: Laxus and Wahl remain mostly equal.

Worst Part: Is that the fun side of Wahl deleted?

fairy tail chapter 472 review
More of a derpy "hyuck hyuck" face than a singing one, but whatever. I can't judge.

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  1. *crosses fingers in the hope that Wahl doesn't turn into an emotionless tool.* That being said though I've been thoroughly impressed by the fight between them so far. Even if Laxus is sick and not at full power (or maybe he is, but using it just accelerates his sickness) Wahl is quickly climbing up my Spriggan ranks due to just how cool and versatile I find his powers to be. I find it odd though that none of my predicted Spriggan matches are really happening besides Laxus and Wahl. It's not bad per se, just odd. Also LESBIANS!

    1. You understand! We need our Wahl! I'm not the only one who needs him to be insane! His power is incredible and he is an alchemist like Edward or Alphonse or any of the others from the best anime ever! My favourite Spriggan is still Brandish, but that could change soon considering her recent development.

      I kinda like the unpredictable matches. It creates interesting dynamics we weren't expecting, although I do still want to see Erza face off against Dimaria. They seem like a match made in heaven.

      And yes. Yes. Lesbians.