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Fairy Tail Chapters 470 & 471 Review - Hybrid Theory & Until the War Ends...

Written by Shiggins

To make up for my disappearance last week, here is lots of praise!

You're so cute. Very cute. And now onto the review, which will also have praise because I actually found myself finally enjoying these two chapters. And to long-time viewers, I'll just say right now that it's a shame that God Serena hasn't been outed as Yuriy... yet. There. Now that that crap is out of the way, let's read!

MIDDLE OF A WA... Oh, forget it!
Chapter 470:

God Serena has destroyed the Wizard Saints by himself, and he makes me love him more by using a pun as he is about to kill Warrod. Thankfully, Warrod isn't down yet and he encourages the others to try one final attack. We don't get a proper look or explanation of Hyberion's attack, but that'll be for another day. Instead, we get God Serena's magic! And he uses... Dragon Slayer magic?!

You may know him as the "Avatar".
Yes, Serena uses several different types of Dragon Slayer magic, including earth, water and wind. Before he can go really over-the-top however, August stops him. It turns out that Serena has 8 different lacrima inside him, which allows him to use Dragon Slayer Magic. Basically, he's Laxus but 8 instead of 1. As the members of Spriggan 12 are about to walk to Fairy Tail, Warrod inwardly begs for a saviour. And boy, did he regret that one!

Yay! He's going to kill us all!
Bam! Acnologia! In the flesh and about to fuck us all! While initially happy to see him, Serena also gets filled with regret as he is suddenly slashed and taken down by Acnologia in one punch ma... I mean... one hit! And with that, Acnologia says there are only "7 left", and he heads off to find them.

Chapter 471:

Jason Statham, seeing the damage done on Serena, looks ready to attack Acnologia, but August stops him. August tells him that only Zeref with the Fairy Heart could fight Acnologia, so they have to get Fairy Heart quickly. And thankfully, it's back to the shifting perspectives as we then skip over to Lucy, who is talking to Freed while next to unconscious Natsu.

Oh please. We could never forget you.
Natsu, Bickslow, Evergreen and even Ichiya are all alive and well, but clearly not able to fight yet. (Shame because I love that gang). Next, we're off to see Erza's gang of Laxus, Wendy, Carla, Gray and Juvia who have sat down for the night. Refreshingly, I'm actually smiling and enjoying the humour again as Juvia tries to get Gray in a sleeping bag, but then Wendy notices Laxus has gone off alone.

So... Is Gray going to cuddle Laxus?
Gray comes across Laxus and sees him panting and sweating, which is a direct result of the Magic Particles he absorbed during the Tartarus arc to stop Tempester. Laxus orders Gray to not tell anyone about this, saying it's not a big deal. We then skip over to the other Fairy Tail team.

Gajeel is sitting alone on top of a cliff, looking like he's about to relieve himself, when Levy comes over and asks why he isn't resting. Levy says the reason she herself can't sleep is because she's worried she might not make it out, but Gajeel throws iron pillars around her because... reasons... and says he'll arrest her if he keeps complaining. Don't worry though, it's said in a nice way. 

Bow Chicka Bow Wow!
Morning is here and we return to the South, where Mermaid Scale are attacking again! This time however, Dimaria targets Sherria (I always preferred calling her Chelia but... Moving on), and just as Dimaria decides to remove her for being a healer, Wendy Ex Machina! Erza stands beside Kagura as the rest of the team arrive, and Laxus to bring the pain to badboy Wahl.

Opinion: Yay for violence!

After the disappointingly rapid development of Brandish, I was worried we had entered the "DANGER ZONE!" and we might not be able to recover from it. Thankfully, these two chapters brought us right on track and gave us exactly what we wanted. No more awkward fawning over Layla the perfect. Now, we're off to what we should be focusing on. 

And this does... what exactly? They said "vampire magic" but does that just mean he drains their mana? Is that really the ultimate power of the Number 2 Wizard Saint?
First of all, Acnologia is here and he is going to fuck everything and everyone up! Well, not everyone. Just those who get in his way of taking down every single Dragon Slayer who even have a chance of defeating him one day. Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus, Cobra, Sting and Rogue are obviously the "7" he was referring to, unless he's got a wish for Shenron to grant. Anyway, I was surprised to see him arrive so soon since I know he's a drama queen who loves to show up last-minute, but chances are he'll be taking his time and strutting about so we don't need to care for now.

I don't think Serena is defeated. No way. He hasn't even met Fairy Tail yet, so let's not get ahead of ourselves and panic. The only thing he's lost is his pride... and some ribs... and a lot of blood... but magic means survival! 

Just gonna leave this here.
The characters are really building up the possibility of death here. Lucy has plans for the future. Gajeel promises to protect Levy. Laxus is struggling. Makarov is old. If you weren't nervous before, you better be by now. The sad fact is now I'll feel cheated if we don't get a death. I should not be wishing for that!

Speaking of Gajeel, my inner shipper squee'd. His moment with Levy was nice, and if I'm reading it correctly, then I think his "threat" to arrest her was a protection vow. Unless the official translators reveal something completely different, or Gajeel is getting kinky, the vow of protection is the best way to look at this. 

Laxus is dying! I think. Probably not. If he does die, it won't be from the particles. However, I hope we don't get a convenient escape either. Honestly, I'm conflicted with how I want this dilemma to go down. I just hope Freed confesses his love soon.

Manga Rating: 

470: 4/5

471: 4.5/5

Predictions: Laxus vs Wahl! And Laxus is going to absolutely destroy Wahl. He doesn't need any help. He is blonde! He is lightning! He is Laxus!

Best Part: Gajeel and Levy because I'm a scummy shipper.

Worst Part: Getting constantly battered over the head that someone will die.

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