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Fairy Tail Chapters 473, 474 & 475 Review - Red Lightning, In the Moment of Complete Silence & Dimaria Chronos Yesta

Written by Shiggins

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey bullshit.

Yes, if Doctor Who isn't providing enough confusing chaos under the guise of "time travel", then Fairy Tail will surely keep you covered with this... incredibly perplexing duo of chapters. Admittedly the second half of this review might break apart, but try to bare with my bullshit as I attempt to decipher what the FUCK they were talking about!

That camel is exactly how I reacted to this image too.
Chapter 473:

First things first! Laxus is fighting Wahl! Or to be more accurate, he's getting beaten up by Wahl because of his illness/condition. Wahl blows him up, blasts him and basically goes all-out, until Laxus finally gets a chance when Wahl fucks up and hits him with lightning. After some quick pages of more action, Laxus falls to his knee again.

Even Wahl must be impressed by a shirtless Laxus.
Wahl seems about to annihilate Laxus with a special attack, but Laxus suddenly finishes what appears to be one of those barriers that Freed is such an expert with. Wahl reminds Laxus he can destroy these and does so, but this also causes the Magic Particles inside Laxus to disappear, so he's now healed.

Gotta admit. I find the OVA of this to be hilarious.
As Laxus goes to charge, Wahl starts to finally go back to his sexy badass self and laughs, not at all threatened by Laxus' lightning. However, to Wahl's shock, red lightning appears. We then get a quick flashback where we see Mavis and Laxus talking at the pool from when they hung out during the Grand Magic Games. Mavis compares Laxus to his grandfather Yuriy, whom Laxus has just been told about, and in present day, Laxus' new power of red lightning destroys Wahl because the power of bonds and blood-bonds and whatnot. 

Chapter 474:

Our chapter begins with Happy watching Lucy and Natsu sleep (together) and thinking on Zeref's words about how Natsu will die if Zeref dies, and of course Happy vows to find some other way. And I swear, if they Deus Ex Machina that... I will go off my nut. However, that's another rage-rant for another day.

Just another reason why we don't need Warren. We can see what's going on here!
Back to Mavis, where we get a rundown by Exposition-Man Warren, who says that there is no movement in the West. Gajeel's squad hasn't arrived to the North where Blue Tooth are, and the Wizard Saints to the East are unknown while two of the Spriggan 12 are heading for Fairy Tail. Basically, "blah blah blah here's what you guys already know". And now Makarov is just waiting for Mavis to give them instructions, but she's clearly unsure because she needs time.

Back to the South, we see Gray, Lyon and Juvia kicking ass, when suddenly Meredy returns out of nowhere to be awesome. And so Lyon can surprisingly blush and gasp at her face. Meanwhile, Erza and Kagura come across some new foes that aren't even worth mentioning because they existed to literally be smacked down and, I'm not kidding here, give Jellal an incredibly fortunate excuse to come in and "save them", as if they needed help or something...

I think Kagura just became my spirit animal.
Back to Dimaria who suddenly shows Wendy, Carla and Chelia her power... She stops time! I personally would adore this magic to own but life just isn't that wonderful, now is it? Just as Dimaria is about to kill the frozen Wendy, the shorty jumps into the air. Yes, those 3 aren't affected because of reasons, and as Dimaria questions it, she gets her answer in the form of a younger Ultear.

Chapter 475:

Ultear is here and dear god, what is she on about? She apparently exists between times, like an echo but we saw her as an old woman so is this like a copy-recording of her that has now come to life because Dimaria's time-stopping magic.. I don't even fucking know, okay? She's here. Deal with it, yo.

Can any female readers tell me if this is comfortable to wear? Because it looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable.
Dimaria is pissed off at this, and so she attacks but Ultear can't be harmed so she attacks Wendy and Chelia instead and then we discover she has the power of Take Over and has possessed the Goddess Chronos so she can control time. Yes, God Soul. Which is pretty cool... but Cronos was a male Titan and the father of Zeus. He wasn't a Goddess. Just saying. I have a friend who loves Greek Mythology and he'd be fucking fuming at seeing such an error.

Wait, are we seriously not having a God Soul vs Satan Soul? Huge wasted opportunity!
The first to be shot by Dimaria is Carla, who does appear to die for a few seconds, but then Ultear reveals that she paused Carla so she will live until they run out of time and time resumes... GOD! This is so confusing to write! I'm summing it up with this; They gotta take down the bitch before time moves again, so Ultear says she'll use Third Origin to let them use their "future magic", but this means the person won't be able to use magic ever again because tension!

Opinion: Honestly, this one was just frustrating to write.

But let's get this in order. Laxus vs Wahl was fun and exciting, although I do feel the immense flaws and luck. Laxus unlocking a new power of lightning that could destroy Wahl is cool I suppose, but convenient enough that it will niggle at me. As for Laxus being cured, that just felt cheap. I mean, really cheap. I'm not saying I wanted Laxus to die, but it feels too soon after discovering the issue that it got fixed. I'll take my words back if they reveal that this was just a temporary stop however.

I am going to miss the sexy badass that is Wahl.

*sniff* Farewell for now, my beautiful angel.
Dimaria's power is Take Over and she used it on a Goddess of Time! Admittedly, they could have just made her magic the power to freeze time and it would have worked perfectly fine, but I suppose it's interesting enough to know that another deity has gotten involved in some way. One thing I'd love to see is an expansion on the mythology of this series, as we appear to be discussing more and more Gods now. We've had God Slayers, that giant monster from Avatar arc, this Goddess... Makes me wonder if we're going to see a lot more of this soon. I would like it.

Ultear.... I don't even know. Whatever, I'm moving on from that nonsense. I tried to explain it earlier and it hurt my brains.

If I had to guess, I'd say Chelia is the one to get the upgrade because we can't have Wendy lose her magic and Chelia is the "God Slayer"... but then again, Wendy is the main protagonist here and it'd be a huge wasted opportunity to not see her get it. Which means we might be in store for a massive convenience soon enough that will remove any danger and get on my nerves.

473: 3/5

474: 4/5

475: 3.5/5

Predictions: Chelia will sacrifice herself and have a touching "goodbye" with Wendy so she can defeat Dimaria. Dimaria will -lose- but I don't think she'll be dead or out of the fight like Ajeel was. I just feel like she's got more to do, considering her relationship (giggity) with Brandish. Ultear will continue to make no sense but she'll be an old lady later on.

Best Part: Laxus fighting Wahl.

Worst Part: Ultear + Sense = N/A.

After my embarrassing defeat at this to a friend recently, I don't feel right looking at an arm-wrestling photo...

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  1. chronos not cronos i believe

    1. I've heard some people spell it Chronos. Others spelled it Cronos. Either way, not a female goddess.

    2. Actually, Chronos is male in the manga. The only reason Dimaria referred to Chronos as a goddes was either because his host is a women, and they both share one body, or is was mistranslation, like with several characters names in their early appearances.